Pet Sematary by Stephen King

Sometimes dead is better”
— Stephen King (Pet Sematary)


This was my first Stephen king novel. I’ve seen some of his movie adaptations, and tv specials but never read a book. I remember hearing about him growing up, and seeing his books in the library and thinking those are the scary books for the big kids. Since I had no desire to be scared I always kept away.

Pet Sematary is a book that slowly builds up to reveal all it’s secrets, and when it does your left creeped out and disturbed.
What lies beyond the Pet Sematery behind the Creed family home, has ability to bring back what was once dead. Finding a way to bring back a loved one ,whether a pet or family member would be the answer to many prayers, but when they don’t come back like they left it can be a big problem. The place behind the pet sematary holds a certain power, and one by one the Creed family is torn apart by its pull.

This book was insane. At first I thought it wasn’t too bad, not too scary. Not until you get literally to the last 20 pages, and shit hits the fan. It was horrible, it was sad it was depressing. It was scary , it was amazing. I read the last couple of pages in a rush. I couldn’t read fast enough and had to find out what happened to this nice family. I don’t know if I can ever read another Stephen King novel , that ending stressed me out. Every noise outside of my house , my darkened hallway,everything scared the crap out of me during the last bit. I will not sleep well tonight. Well done Stephen King.

(my review from last year)


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