Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison


All the reviews I’ve read say this series gets better around book 3. I think however I am done with this series for now.

In this book supernaturals and humans live in a world with full knowledge of each other. Rachel the main character (a witch) works at the I.S. (Inderland Runner Services) which deals with crimes in the supernatural world. She’s either bad at her job or people just don’t like her, so she decides to quit. It’s apparently impossible to quit the I.S. and as soon as she does, her boss puts a hit out on her. The I.S. killing their former employees is common practice, so she is constantly being attacked.

Rachel is pretty much afraid of everything. She almost makes me understand why her boss thought she was no good at her job.
She’s not too smart either. After many attempts on her life on behalf of her former employer – she decides to return to the I.S. the next day, to get information on a case. She wears a “disguise” to get in undetected that fools no one, and the assassination attempts continue. It’s hard to even feel bad for her when she does things that are so stupid.
No matter how many disguises -whether it be old woman or mink, she always gets caught. It just gets more pathetic as the books go along.

There’s so many more problems with this book- the fear of her vampire roommate, the story-line with the bio-drugs that cure disease, but is somehow a bad thing…It’s only redeemable character was Jenks and his family.
I just didn’t like the plot in this book and the main character was so unlikeable.
Maybe she becomes a bad-ass in the next few book? I saw a summary for the next book and for some reason there was a comparison to Laurell K Hamilton. Ya right. Rachel Morgan is no Anita Blake.


4 responses to “Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison

  1. I do think that the series does get better. I’m a huge Laurell K Hamilton fan and usually use this series to hold me over when I wait for a new book in the Anita Blake or Merry Gentry series. It wasn’t until I read your review that I noticed some things from when I first read the book. There are times where I find myself frustrated with the series and other time where I can’t put the book down. As you said with Jenks, most of the time it is the other characters that I am most interested in storyline wise. My suggestion would be if you find yourself waiting for a book to come out and need a book to pass the time. Even as someone who does enjoy (at least parts) of the series, I do find myself nodding along and agreeing to your review.

    • Thanks for the feedback and suggestion! I do have those types of books, the ones I read while waiting for a favourite to come out —— I keep hearing it gets better so I’ll add it to my list of books to read, and see if it grows on me.

  2. I started reading this one and I hated it. I got to the part where she found out that chewing attracts vampires and I was just like… “Eff this” That series does get good reviews, too. I just do not get it.

    • Yeah I don’t get it either… a lot of people say it takes a few books to really get into the series but I have just lost interest after this one :/

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