Black Dust Mambo by Adrian Phoenix




I found it hard to stay interested in this book. Have you ever read a book that isn’t good or bad and leaves you shrugging your shoulders thinking “meh.” That’s how I felt about this one. It isn’t a can’t-put-it-down-must-find- out-what-happens-next type book. Well at least it wasn’t to me.

The main character is Kallie Riviere, a hoodoo apprentice. She gets caught up in a deadly case of mistaken identity when Doctor Heron, (powerful hoodoo practitioner, just released from prison for murder) mistake’s her for the niece of his ex lover, who he believes is the reason for his imprisonment.

This book is written from the perspective of each character, so when you’re reading you are privy to what each character is thinking. It was interesting way to read a story but it was also confusing since there were just so many characters. There was also a lot of jargon I wasn’t familiar with and terminology that wasn’t really explained. I however did find that as I went on and things were repeated, I got the gist of it. I didn’t dislike this book, I just didn’t get into it. The main character Kallie was likable enough, maybe if she was the focus of the book at all times I would have enjoyed it more.


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